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Alzheimer's Care & the Bredesen ReCODE Report™

Functional Medicine is often called the “Medicine of Why” and "21st Century Medicine”. It endeavors to find and correct the underlying epigenetic, system biology, toxic, and emotional imbalances associated with chronic diseases and conditions. It seeks to extinguish the “fire” and not just lessen the “smoke”. It goes beyond ineffective and expensive monotherapies (usually medications) by using program-based care to achieve effective, sustainable solutions for chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Functional Medicine works best for active participants (and not passive recipients) of care.

The InTouch Cognitive Health Program is designed for people who want to minimize their chances of getting Alzheimer’s Disease as well as for people seeking to reverse Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SDI), Minimal Cognitive Impairment (MPI), and early Alzheimer’s Disease. Our program is 6-months long with the option to continue as long as necessary to achieve and sustain success.

Our Cognitive Health Program addresses the multiple imbalances that are currently known to be associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. It considers the patient’s genetic, epigenetic, metabolic, hormonal, and behavioral makeup to create a personalized program. The Functional Medicine approach succeeds while monotherapies fail because monotherapies do not even attempt to deal with the myriad of imbalances and deficiencies that comprise Alzheimer’s Disease.

Currently, Alzheimer’s Disease is associated with 5 types of underlying conditions. Most, if not all, patients have multiple types with one type being predominant. The 5 types and 1 subtype of underlying conditions are:

  • Hot - Inflammatory
    • 1.5 - Sweet - Diabetes
  • Cold - Hormone deficiency (thyroid, cortisol, adrenaline, sex hormones)
  • Vile - Toxic (heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, medications, etc)
  • Pale - Vascular Insufficiencies, Stroke, Lung and Heart Disease
  • Traumatic - Single or Multiple Concussions

Each type is identified by medical history, physical examination, extensive laboratory and genetic testing, brain MRI and/or PET scans, and cognition/memory testing. The severity is determined by laboratory abnormalities, cognitive testing and brain imaging such as MRI with volumetric analysis and PET Scan for amyloid.

Treatment is guided by the type and severity and always includes:

  • Optimization of Gut Health
  • Healing Nutrition including Vitamins, Minerals and Special Supplements
  • Ketogenic Diet and Eating to Promote Brain Health
  • Appropriate Movement and Exercise
  • Recognition and Command of Stress
  • Restorative Sleep
  • Identification, Avoidance and Elimination of Toxins
  • Brain Stimulation using Games and Learning
  • Encouragement of Joyful, Meaningful Living

InTouch Functional Medicine has the experienced clinical staff and the facility to guide and support patients to develop and sustain personalized programs of Cognitive Health. We have a nutritionist, certified personal trainers, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation instructors. The InTouch “office” includes a fully equipped gym, yoga and activities studio and a conference room. We use software to present online courses and to provide HIPAA compliant TeleHealth appointments to individuals and groups.

Begin by calling InTouch Functional Medicine at 916-993-8535 and by signing up online for Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE Report at

The Bredesen ReCODE Report Program for Alzheimer's Disease

While we do not require that patients also enroll in the Bredesen ReCODE Report Program, we strongly recommend it for most patients. InTouch furnishes the guidance and support to help patients implement and sustain both programs. We will provide both the "what to do" and the "how to do it".

In the summer of 2016, Dr. Conard viewed a Cleveland Clinic/Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) seminar on reversing Alzheimer's dementia featuring Dale Bredesen, M.D. Dr. Conard was amazed by the similarity between Dr. Bredesen’s Functional Medicine based program for reversing cognitive decline (now called ReCODE) and the InTouch Functional Medicine (ITFM) program for treating chronic pain. Dr. Conard subsequently attended the first IFM Advanced Clinical Workshop for Treating and Reversing Cognitive Decline in March 2017 and enrolled as a participating physician in Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE Report Program.

The ReCODE Report Program helps people to understand current concepts of Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of cognitive impairments. It also helps organize information including lab tests, genetic tests, and MRI and PET scans, allowing Dr. Conard to diagnose the patient’s type of cognitive impairment, to select what therapies to emphasize, and to track clinical outcomes.

The diagnosis of cognitive decline and early Alzheimer’s Disease is no longer a death sentence and should not invoke hopelessness or helplessness. After 30 years of Alzheimer’s Disease research, Dale Bredesen, M.D. discovered that, unlike available and experimental medications, a Functional Medicine Program provides effective and sustainable therapy for preventing and treating cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s Disease. Details can be found in his book, The End of Alzheimer’s, The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, Avery 2017.

Dr. Bredesen’s company, MPI Cognition, has created a software program called “ReCODE Report™” that enables practitioners trained in The Bredesen Protocol™ to treat their patients while staying up to date with the latest advances in his science. Please watch this video of Dr. Bredesen explaining the importance of a ReCODE Report™ account by clicking here ( Dr. Bredesen does not see patients directly.

William Conard, M.D., Medical Director of InTouch Functional Medicine, is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and an MPI Cognition Certified Practitioner in The Bredesen Protocol. He has trained the InTouch staff to guide and support patients and their families in the Bredesen Protocol™ for Reversing Cognitive Decline. The process for signing up is described below. For a visual tutorial on how to sign up for your ReCODE Report™ account, please watch the Patient ReCODE Report™ Tutorial Video by clicking here (

How to sign up for a patient ReCODE Report™ account and start The Bredesen Protocol™:

What comes with your patient ReCODE Report™ account:

  • Map of trained practitioners globally
  • Unlimited ReCODE Reports™
  • Complimentary Brain HQ account
  • Nutritional Guidelines for The Bredesen Protocol™
  • Live “Town Hall” meetings with Dr. Bredesen every month
  • Exclusive Videos to help support patients on their journey to optimize brain health
  • Highest quality supplements at reasonable prices - delivered to you

Coming soon - features and support-content for patient ReCODE Report™ account:

  • Dr. Dale Bredesen’s Blog
  • The Bredesen Protocol™ Patient Community Support Site
  • Exercise Tips
  • Meditation Tips
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Several up to date Health topics


Why am I being asked to sign a one-year contract before I meet my doctor?

Appropriately matching patients and physicians is a part of our service. During our intake procedure, we will do our best to access your unique needs and connect you with the best trained physician to meet your needs.

How often will I see my physician?

This depends on the complexity of your protocol. Prevention patients may only need to be seen two or three times a year. Depending on each person’s individual needs, visits are typically one to three months apart. Complex cases may need to be seen more often.

How often will labs be run?

InTouch will need a baseline ReCODE Report™ to accurately estimate. To help you economize, we will recommend repeating tests that are out of normal range or recommend additional testing based upon what your ReCODE Report™ has uncovered, or to reassess after treatment has been started. Typically, once your unique protocol is well established and followed (this can take about one year) InTouch will likely wait three to four months before retesting. Ultimately, retesting will be at InTouch’s discretion.

What is a ReCODE Report™?

The ReCODE Report™ is generated from a very specific set of 140+ factors, including labs and genetic testing curated by Dr. Dale Bredesen. Once results are submitted, a personalized report is generated, providing a snapshot of the contributing factors in the participant’s cognitive decline, or what might lead to cognitive decline, for those in the prevention program. The goal is not simply to normalize metabolic parameters, but rather to optimize them. This unique list, provided by the ReCODE Report™ highlights the participant’s primary areas of concern and suggests how to specifically address each contributing factor.

What is the estimated cost of labs for the ReCODE Report™?

This is highly individualized. After some prevention training, Dr. Conard will typically run a panel which is the least expansive. For others who are showing some signs of toxicity (or MCI), Dr. Conard will need to run a more extensive test panel. We recommend going directly to your nearest LabCorp or Quest facility. Ask questions and comparison shop. Other options include Walk In Labs ( which offer lab tests at discounted rates. Many participants report that most (if not all) of these labs are covered by health insurance, depending upon your policy. There are also self-pay discounts for the labs that are not covered by insurance. Ask for an estimate before you have your labs drawn. Out of pocket expenses related to lab panels is directly correlated to the type of health insurance you possess and applicable deductibles, etc. Commercial (Non-Medicare) plans tend to cover more of the labs ordered versus Medicare based plans.

Why is there a monthly recurring fee?

The monthly recurring fee covers the cost of unlimited ReCODE Reports™. As your symptoms change or Dr. Dale Bredesen has a new breakthrough in the lab, running your numbers through our constantly updated algorithm may change your treatment plan and better help you catch new or emerging triggers early. Additionally, we provide ongoing support through our monthly Town Hall meetings with Dr. Dale Bredesen, online dietary and nutrition information and support, a subscription to Brain HQ for scientifically proven and tested online brain training, and many more "coming soon" features. Making multiple lifestyle changes at once is often difficult, especially at the beginning. We provide the tools and information you will need for success and we will be working hard to update and add as much support content as possible.

Could I run the same tests without ReCODE™?

Sure, but it’s a gamble. Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE Report™ software helps streamline the analysis of lab results and makes The Bredesen Protocol™ available to trained practitioners like Dr. Conard. Without running your ReCODE Report™, Dr. Conard would simply be guessing at your contributing factors and be making treatment recommendations based upon incomplete information analysis. You would also be missing out on Dr. Bredesen’s ongoing guidance, live webinars, his new scientific breakthroughs and most of all, his algorithm for The Bredesen Protocol™.

What’s the estimated cost of supplements per month?

MPI Cognition proudly partners with Cytoplan, an English charitable trust, that provides high quality supplements at an affordable price that your practitioner can order for you. InTouch comparison shops and purchases supplements from other quality sources, putting you in control. Your supplement program is individualized based upon your Personalized Synaptic Support in your ReCODE Report™ and your practitioner’s recommendations. Because of this, it is impossible to provide an “average” cost until your doctor’s visit. The cost of supplements can range from $150-$450/month, depending upon all factors.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this program?

Our intake staff cannot determine your candidacy for The Bredesen Protocol™, except in the most general context. Only a ReCODE Report™ based on your specific test results can reveal to you and Dr. Conard your exact Alzheimer's Disease status and provide information about a direction for treatment. Dr. Conard is the final and sole authority in this regard. Most patients, and their caregivers, have a strong sense that there is "something wrong", and there is frequently a family history or other indicators of the early stages of this disease.

Begin by calling InTouch Functional Medicine at 916-993-8535 and by signing up online for Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE Report at

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