Comprehensive Disease Prevention Programs in Sacramento

Our complete care programs incorporate the principles of functional medicine with biomedical and biopsychosocial pain treatment methods to better understand, diagnose and treat chronic pain. We look for ways to prevent disease and solutions to chronic pain. We provide disease-specific programs that address common chronic conditions, which are often poorly treated or undertreated. We offer five exceptional programs aimed at disease prevention, treatment and chronic pain relief.

Headache & Migraine Program

We treat people with all types of headaches, including tension headache, cluster headache and migraine. Treatment may include the use of Botox. Learn more.

Neuropathic Pain (Neuropathy) Program

Nerve pain (neuropathy) is common with type 2 diabetes and other conditions that affect nerve health and function. Learn more

Neck & Back Pain Program

Four out of five adults experience neck or back pain. When pain does not resolve on its own or with conservative therapies, we can treat it most effectively using functional medicine, integrative medicine and interventional treatments. Learn more

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Program

Fibromyalgia is a common and chronic disorder often characterized by widespread pain, heightened sensitivity to touch, fatigue and joint tenderness. Another disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that can’t be explained by an underlying medical condition is chronic fatigue syndrome. Learn more

Patient-Specific Program

We can treat a variety of diseases and solve a variety of pain conditions, including pelvic pain, abdominal pain, chronic pancreatitis, pudendal neuropathy and many others. These programs are designed to offer a minimum of six hours per week for 12 weeks. It is an individually designed program that is specifically structured to address each patient’s needs. InTouch Functional Medicine serves the communities of Carmichael, Davis, Folsom, Roseville and Sacramento. Learn more

Functional Restoration Program

Our functional restoration program offers a proven, sustainable way for patients to end their suffering from chronic pain and to regain their lost physical and emotional function. It was designed using evidence-based medicine, over 100 years of combined diverse clinical experience and patient acceptance. Patients suffering from chronic pain have significant comorbid conditions, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, malnutrition, severe deconditioning, fear avoidance, etc. that cannot be properly treated in a 20-day-session functional restoration program cited as “typical”. We provide 160 hours of care, in 2-hour sessions over 19 weeks.

All patients undergo a comprehensive, multidiscipline assessment prior to enrollment in the InTouch functional restoration program. The assessment includes a thorough medical evaluation, a standardized functional evaluation and a psychological evaluation. We develop an individualized chronic pain treatment plan that may include the functional restoration program or an alternative pain management plan, at a multidisciplinary conference.

InTouch Functional Medicine serves the communities of Carmichael, Davis, Folsom, Roseville and Sacramento, and the surrounding areas.

MTHFR Genetic Testing

MTHFR is a specific gene mutation addressed by leading-edge functional medicine and anti-aging physicians and researchers who link the MTHFR gene to increased susceptibility to colon cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and miscarriage. It has been estimated that 40% of people have this common mutation.

Avoid the most common diseases with InTouch Functional Medicine. To schedule your visit, please contact us at 916.993.8535 or use our online Request an Appointment form.

Our Services

Headache Program

Millions of people suffer from migraine and chronic headache. Together, they represent one of...

Neuropathic Pain Program

Nerve pain or neuropathy is most common in people with diabetes and other conditions that affect...

Functional Restoration Program

InTouch Functional Medicine offers a carefully designed 12-week functional restoration program ...

Fibromyalgia/CFS Pain Program

Given the choice, most fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients today would prefer...

Patient-Specific Program

You may have a variety of more complex pain problems, including pelvic pain, abdominal ...

Back & Neck Pain Program

Four out of five adults experience neck or back pain. Over time, poor posture, chronic pain ...

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