You may have a variety of more complex health problems, including pelvic pain, abdominal pain, chronic pancreatitis, type 2 diabetes, pudendal neuropathy or many others. These seemingly unrelated issues are specific to each patient, so each patient needs a fully customized, multidisciplinary treatment program designed for their specific condition, symptoms and pain sources.

Chronic illness cannot be cured by traditional “biomedical” medicine. Chronic illness may be associated with failure to heal, ongoing pathology, malfunction or disease of the nervous system – or any combination of the above. Many physicians focus on standalone therapies – medication, surgery, physical therapy and interventional procedures that usually fail at long-term relief. Patients and physicians are frequently frustrated by the seemingly endless, repetitive use of these single modalities without good outcomes.

Instead, our programs offer a minimum of six hours of care each week for 12 weeks. It is an individually designed program that is specifically structured to address each patient’s needs. Our goal is to assist patients to take an active role in managing their condition, eliminate suffering, reduce reliance on drugs and provide sustainable pain relief.

That’s why InTouch offers consultations for complex chronic illness patients as well as consultations for interventional procedures and other multidisciplinary treatment combinations.

Medication Management

InTouch physicians are not licensed to practice addiction medicine or provide opioid treatment as a standalone modality. We provide medication management as part of our Complete Care Membership, complete care programs and functional restoration program.

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You may have a variety of more complex pain problems, including pelvic pain, abdominal ...

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