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Enhancing Cognitive Health. Ameliorating Chronic Pain.

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We believe in empowering our patients, and that includes their friends, families and caregivers.    

Our specialized lifestyle education programs will help you define and work toward your goals for better health. 

The physician and staff at InTouch Functional Medicine help patients become active health practitioners by recognizing and evaluating lifestyle choices and making necessary behavioral changes to regain a healthy, functional life. We provide an amazing array of options to treat a variety of disorders. We have experience and expertise in functional medicine and pain management. We are a physician directed integrative medicine and interdisciplinary functional medicine practice. We collaborate with each patient to develop an effective personal treatment plan.

Maximize your health potential at InTouch Functional Medicine, your source for advanced, personalized healthcare solutions. We serve the communities of Sacramento, Carmichael, Davis, Folsom, Roseville and nearby locations.

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Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle for Chronic Pain Management

Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Program
for Chronic Pain Management

A Multidisciplinary Team To Guide You Toward Success

Chronic Pain, like almost all chronic illnesses, is seldom cured by traditional “biomedical” medicine that relies on non-integrated monotherapies such as medications, interventional procedures, implanted technologies, physical therapy, etc. Chronic Pain is best treated by a personalized, comprehensive Functional Medicine based program. Highly personalized and focused on each patient’s unique needs, our Chronic Pain Management without Opioids Program safely helps people overcome all types of chronic pain including:

  • Migraine headache
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Diabetic and Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Neck and back pain
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • And more

We have onsite pain management specialists, functional conditioning, yoga and meditation instructors, an expert nutritionist and a supportive staff to help guide patients toward sustainable good health. With our integrative approach and patient-specific programs we can reduce stress and tension by restoring mobility, improving muscle balance and posture, identifying and modifying pain triggers and helping patients create their own personal pain management practice. Our mission is to help patients end their suffering.

We begin with a medical record review and a complete functional medicine history and physical examination. We customize each patient’s therapy using some combination of:

  • Education workshops
  • Healing, patient-specific nutrition therapy & food plan development
  • Appropriate exercise & movement
  • Restorative yoga
  • Guided meditation
  • In-office interventions
  • Postural corrective therapy 
  • Development of functional medicine treatment program with regular provider visits

Sutter Sacramento HMO insurance covers a significant portion of the cost of the Managing Chronic Pain without Opioids program.

Medication Management

InTouch physicians are not licensed to practice addiction medicine or provide opioid treatment as a standalone modality. We provide medication management as part of our Complete Care Membership, complete care programs and functional restoration program.


Enhancing Cognitive Health

Enhancing Cognitive Health, 
Reversing Cognitive Decline

A Customized Approach to Treating & Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

The InTouch Cognitive Health Program is designed for people who want to minimize their chances of getting Alzheimer’s Disease as well as for people seeking to reverse Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SDI), Minimal Cognitive Impairment (MPI), and early Alzheimer’s Disease. Our program is 6-months long with the option to continue as long as necessary to achieve and sustain success.

Our Cognitive Health Program addresses the multiple imbalances that are currently known to be associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. It considers the patient’s genetic, epigenetic, metabolic, hormonal, and behavioral makeup to create a personalized program. The Functional Medicine approach succeeds while monotherapies fail because monotherapies do not even attempt to deal with the myriad of imbalances and deficiencies that comprise Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Begin by calling InTouch Functional Medicine at 916-993-8535 and by signing up online for Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE Report at

The Bredesen ReCODE Report Program for Alzheimer's Disease

While we do not require that patients also enroll in the Bredesen ReCODE Report Program, we strongly recommend it for most patients. InTouch furnishes the guidance and support to help patients implement and sustain both programs. We will provide both the "what to do" and the "how to do it". 


Or call our office to find out if our programs are right for you


Intestinal Health

Intestinal Health, 
Gut Restoration Program 

Coming in Summer 2018 - Please contact us for details!

Healing Chronic Illness: 
Programs for Patients, Caretakers, Friends and Allies

Coming in Summer 2018 - Please contact us for details!

Other Clinical Programs

The following programs are available by referral only. Please call our office to inquire 916.993.8535

Functional Restoration Program
(Workers Compensation, F.R.P.)

A Personalized Program for Improving Mobility

InTouch Functional Medicine offers an innovative 16-week long Functional Restoration Program for patients covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Our carefully designed program delivers relief from chronic pain and allows patients to overcome physical immobility issues.

Highly personalized and focused on each patient’s unique needs, our treatment and pain management program is supervised by our board-certified specialist, ensuring your best chances of overcoming these conditions:

  • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome [CRPS])
  • Chronic headache and migraine
  • Neuropathy and neuroplasticity conditions
  • Neck and back pain

Our program diverges from other functional restoration programs that typically provide 160 hours of intense care crammed into 4 weeks, with less than half of patients enrolled completing the programs. The InTouch method shortens the day to 2-3 hours, keeps patients in the same group for the entire program, and adds nutrition, yoga, tai chi, kickboxing, meditation and education workshops. Our completion rate is 95%! Patients experience improved function, decreased use of medications, fewer interventional procedures, and fewer ER & medical visits. 

Sutter P.M.I. 
(Sutter HMO Network)

Managing chronic pain without the use of opioids

You may have a variety of more complex health problems, including pelvic pain, abdominal pain, chronic pancreatitis, type 2 diabetes, pudendal neuropathy or many others. These seemingly unrelated issues are specific to each patient, so each patient needs a fully customized, multidisciplinary treatment program designed for their specific condition, symptoms and pain sources.

Chronic illness cannot be cured by traditional “biomedical” medicine. Chronic illness may be associated with failure to heal, ongoing pathology, malfunction or disease of the nervous system – or any combination of the above. Many physicians focus on standalone therapies – medication, surgery, physical therapy and interventional procedures that usually fail at long-term relief. Patients and physicians are frequently frustrated by the seemingly endless, repetitive use of these single modalities without good outcomes.