InTouch Functional Medicine
InTouch Functional Medicine
Enhancing Cognitive Health. Ameliorating Chronic Pain.


Please attend one of our online orientation sessions to learn more about our programs and costs. See the bottom of this page for details.

InTouch Functional Intake Evaluation
Our $650 Intake Evaluation consists of 4 appointments:
(In Order)
1. 60-Minute Coaching Intake Evaluation with your Health Coach
2. 60-Minute Medical Intake Evaluation with William J. Conard, M.D.
3. 30-Minute Medical Follow-Up with William J. Conard, M.D.
4. 30-Minute Coaching Follow-Up with your Health Coach

At the conclusion of your appointments you will be provided with information regarding your health evaluation including: nutrition plans, healing lifestyle suggestions, personalized treatment recommendations and clinical laboratory suggestions (if any).

All treatment costs after your intake evaluation are determined based on individual needs. However, for the most valuable and affordable care we recommend that patients join our
InTouch Community Membership
At $125 per month, community membership includes:
Weekly Office Hours and Q&A Sessions with William J Conard, M.D.
Weekly Online Program Education Sessions
Weekly Group Health Coaching Sessions
Weekly Office Hours for Personalized Nutrition with Andrew Conard
Priority Access to Scheduling for Medical Visits
Discounts on Medical-grade Supplements & Laboratory Analysis
Discounts on 1-on-1 Personalized Nutrition Coaching Packages

Click the link below for information regarding pricing and to learn more about our unique process.